Roadmap Planning for CREDIA LAYER

The roadmap for CREDIA LAYER is a strategic plan that outlines the chronological progression of key initiatives and technological advancements designed to advance the ecosystem's mission. This roadmap is divided into distinct phases, each with its set of milestones and updates, which collectively steer CREDIA_LAYER towards reshaping Web3 credit and computing power allocation.

Q1 2024:

Product Launch and User Acquisition

Product Launch: Complete the basic development of the Smart Credit Chain platform, including social activity incentive mechanisms, credit score pledging, computing power leasing functionalities, and DeFi integration, and officially launch.

User Acquisition: Attract early users to the platform through social media marketing, partnerships, and community activities.

Feedback Collection: Actively gather initial feedback from users to lay the groundwork for subsequent optimization and adjustments.

Q2 2024:

Function Optimization and Expansion

Function Optimization: Based on the feedback collected in Q1, optimize the platform's user interface, interaction experience, and core functionalities.

Platform Expansion: Add new DeFi partners, expand more staking and swap options, and enrich users' ways of earning credits.

Community Enhancement: Strengthen interaction with users through online webinars, AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, and other activities to increase community engagement.

Q3 2024:

Market Promotion and Ecosystem Development

Market Promotion: Execute comprehensive marketing plans, including content marketing, social media advertising, and KOL collaborations, to expand the user base and enhance brand influence.

Ecosystem Development: Establish partnerships with more Web3, DeFi projects, and social platforms to expand the Smart Credit Chain ecosystem.

Incentive Mechanism Enhancement: Introduce more user incentive programs, such as airdrop activities and credit score bonuses, to reward active community participants.

Q4 2024:

Evaluation and Future Planning

Performance Evaluation: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the past year's operational data to assess platform growth, user activity, and ecosystem development.

User Feedback Collection: Gather in-depth insights into user needs and expectations through surveys and community discussions.

Future Planning: Based on performance evaluation and user feedback, formulate the development roadmap and strategies for the next year, including new feature development, market expansion, and ecosystem development.

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